Top 5 Wheels

March 21, 2017 • by Shelby Grimnes

Top 5 Wheels:

Looking for a new set of wheels but don't know which ones to buy? Take a look at our list of top 5 wheels on the market right now. You will not be disappointed. 


Tilt Signature Wheels

The long awaited Tilt signature wheels have been out for a few months now. These wheels come in six different color ways and unique graphics that display each riders awesome style. Rigorous tests and a new formula were developed for stage 2 of these wheels. These signature wheels are a byproduct of a good balanced, durable, and “grippy” wheel. These wheels include a new “Bond Guard” system which is a urethane shield that protects the crucial urethane-to hub adhere which helps keep these amazing wheels protected. These wheels have been ridden and approved by The Vault. The process of production, overall quality and appearance of these wheels are why they made it into The Vaults Top 5 Scooter Wheels for 2017.


·      Weight – 7.6 ounces

·      Price - $42.50

·      Sold individually (Does not include bearings)

·      Recommended for – Park & Street

·      Size - 110mm



Envy 120mm Lambo Wheels

Lambo wheels are a new to the line-up of already awesome looking envy wheels! These wheels are modeled off the rims of a Lamborghini Aventador Coupe for a crazy, amazing sick looking design. These wheels include Hollow Tech technology and are made of forged aluminum which make them sufficiently light. Lambo wheels are 120mm in diameter and include a 26mm wide urethane rather than the standard 24mm wheel. This allows the wheel to have a better grip, stability and overall are easier to maneuver. Compatibility with your deck and fork is not guaranteed seeing as these wheels are only compatible with 120mm parts. This wheels sleek design and unique measurements is why they made The Vaults Top 5 Scooter wheels for 2017.


·      Weight – 9.5 ounces

·      Price –  $49.50

·      Sold individually (Bearings included)

·      Recommended for - Park

·      Size 120mm



Root Industries Honey Core wheels

Looking for a light and strong wheel for park riding? Look no further than the Root Industries Honey Core Wheels. These wheels come in a wide variety of different colors, in both black and white urethane. Root industry really out did themselves on seeing how far they could push the hollow core technology. After months of development and testing these wheels officially became the lightest scooter wheel on the market! These high quality Honey Cores by Root Industries are incredible for speed and control, & come in a variety of colors, this is why they made The Vaults Top 5 Scooter wheels for 2017.


·      Weight – 7.1 ounces

·      Price - $62.99

·      Sold in pairs (Bearings included)

·      Recommended for – Park

·      Size – 110mm



Proto Grippers Day-Glo

If you don’t know about Proto then you don’t know scooter wheels. Proto Grippers grip very easily to any surface, and are one of the fastest wheels in the industry. Grippers are anodized for a longer lasting core. These wheel’s feature “BUFF Core Technology’’ which decreases the probability of dehubbing. These wheels come with sick Proto Murder Bearings already pre-installed. They include bearing removal slots for easy bearing replacing. Proto’s neon colors always pop out hence the clever name “Day-Glo”. The Day-Glo’s unique colorway, manufacturing process, 100% American made production, and overall performance are what earned them a spot on The Vaults Top 5 Scooter Wheels for 2017.


·      Weight – 8.8 ounces

·      Price – 79.95

·      Sold in pairs (Murder Bearings included)

·      Recommend for – Park & Street

·      Size – 110mm



Eagle Supply Hardline 1 Layer Wheel

Having trouble finding a strong cost efficient wheel? The search is over, this NEW Eagle Supply Hardline 1 Layer is perfect for you! These wheels are hand poured in Holland. This is a 110mm wheel with a 24mm width. The core is made out of 6061 Aluminum that is machined to shape. The Hardline 1 Layer wheels are one of the strongest wheels on the market for their price range. We chose this wheel to be in our top 5 due to it being a strong, light weight and affordable wheel! 


· 110mm X6 Spoke

· Silver Core

· 86A Duro Wheels in Black

· Certified 6061 Aluminum

· Eagle ABEC 9 bearings 

· Width: 24mm


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