Ride in Style: The Vault's Top 5 Favorite Apparel Brands

April 20, 2017 • by Heamlord

5. Ethika

The quintessential action sports underwear. Available in 100% cotton and polyester blends to make sure you are comfortable. Sold in adult and kid sizes with a wide variety of styles from outrageous to solid colors. The Vault assumes no liability for customers burning all their old pairs of underwear after feeling the magic of Ethikas on their loins. 

4. Hella Grip

The undeniably number one scooter grip tape company also makes clean apparel perfect for shredding. More shirts coming soon, but for the meantime sloth on your grip tape and sloth on your feet, means you're ready for the streets. 

3. Proto

Proto is the original aftermarket scooter brand and their apparel designs not only look good but are printed on some of the most comfortable shirts we have ever worn. Don't forget to check out some of their 

2. Tilt  

Tilt takes a painstakingly thorough approach to every product they make. Mastermind, Collin, made sure their apparel line lived up to the brands name and image.

1. The Vault

With a constant barrage of new designs and tons of sizes available, you know The Vault had to take the top spot. If you see a design you like, act fast, no guarantees on reprints.


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