Lucky Scooters just dropped a new edit featuring Bay Area shredder Ryan Myers. The first thing I want to say about this edit is the song choice. He used a song by Blue October. I donêt expect a lot of you to know who Blue October is. If you do itês probably because your parents listen to them. They have a few radio hits like –Into The Ocean”, –Calling you”, and –Hate Me”. They arenêt your typical band or style of music that you would see used in a scooter edit. But Ryanês riding made it work. I donêt think most riders would able to pull that off. In my opinion, I think it made the video nice to watch, sort of feel-good music. Anyways enough about the music, letês get into the riding. Ryan broke his foot last year while filming for this edit and that set him back a bit but he came back stronger than ever. There is a perfect mix between bangers, flowy clips, and technical riding. Ryanês ability to put together lines is second to none. Ryan can throw a bar, bar twist, or full whip out of anything. He can pretty much finger whip anything too. Everything about this edit is great. It is honestly one of the best edits Iêve watched this year. It was a nice feel good edit. You can tell Ryan worked very hard on this. Itês great to see that riders are still out there filming for real video parts and not just filming for Instagram clips for instant gratification. After youêre done watching this go check out Ryan on Instagram at @ryanmyers007. Ryan is sponsored by Lucky Scooters, Hella Grip, and he reps the Concrete Crew. We carry products from all these brands so make sure you go cop yourself some fresh gear from The Vault!

Filmed by Anton Abramson, Jonny 2B, David Coe, Kevin Closson, and Trevor Crowell. Edited by: Ryan Myers. Music: –Hope Youêre Happy” and –The Still” performed by Blue October.¾