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Flashback Friday - Stefan Hefner Opus Part

March 2, 2018 • by Shelby Grimnes

Welcome to a new feature we are going to be doing on The Vault Blog called Flashback Friday. Every Friday we are going to post a popular video part from back in the day. Today we are featuring Stefan Hefner's Lucky Scooter Opus part. After rewatching this part for the first time in a few years I realized that Stefan was doing tricks that we still consider "bangers" today. The first trick that stuck out to me was the feeble front truck driver out on the Tarzana Ledge. For those who haven't been to that spot, its huge. I've taken plenty of riders there and no one ever wants to throw themselves down it. Right after that clip Stefan does an Indy Board down a decent sized handrail. Again a trick that dudes like Juzzy Carter are throwing today. Stefan's bangers were insane, the hop over the Hollywood High 16 fence still to this day is one of my favorite photos I have shot. Back then there was a tree that had grown over the set which made it extremely difficult to hop over that fence, 9 times out of 10 you are probably going to get a face full of leaves. Not to mention the drop alone can take a few years of life off your knees. Then there is the infamous front scooter flip down Hollywood 16, it doesn't matter how old this video part is, that trick will always be gnarly. 

Opus was Lucky's second full length video after The First Clover. Opus featured parts from OG riders like Evan Yamada, Jon Aglialoro, James Gee, Tyler Wheeland, Blake Bailor, Mike Montgomery and obviously Stefan Hefner. Every single part was ground breaking, pushing scootering to another level. Back then Lucky and Proto were the only companies putting out full lenegth videos and by them doing that it encourged other riders to go out there and film video parts. Without the hard work put in by these guys who knows where we would be today. 

So sit back and enjoy Stefan's par, it's great. 


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