Last week the FISE action sports festival went down in Montpellier, France and for the first year in its history scooters had their own park contest. The last few years scooters have been able to compete in the spine event but it wasn't until this year where scooters had their own freestyle park to compete on. This is a huge step up for our sports as the Montpellier stop of FISE is the biggest stop on the FISE world tour with over 500,000 people attending over the course of five days. Also this year the scooter freestyle contest was live streamed online where thousands of people were able to watch the event from all around the world. For the first time, The Vault had three riders out at FISE. Andrew Zamora and Tyler Chaffin were competing in Scooter Freestyle which was held on the scooter freestyle park that was designed with a mix of street and park obstacles. Tyler then joined Vault French rider Lucas Di Meglio to compete in Scooter Spine held later in the week. This year at FISE there was also a rail contest on one of the massive 22 stair rails that surround the venue and of course, both our rail slayers Andrew and Lucas competed in that. For those who may have missed the madness of the park contest, we have a link to the Scooter Freestyle Park Finals that you can watch to see what went down. Unfortunately, the spine event and the rail contest was not live steamed but the good news is we have teamed up with Fuzion Pro Scooters to produce an edit of the entire event along with some riding Andrew and Tyler did around Montpellier during their stay in the south of France. That should be coming out sometime in the next few weeks. We will also have a full article coming out in the next issue of The Vault Zine covering the entire FISE event. So in the meantime sit back and watch the replay of the Scooter Freestyle Park finals!¾