So most of you probably know that the Dissidence Coalition contest just went down in Barcelona, Spain. If you didn't know that then please crawl out from the rock you've been under the last couple of weeks. Absolute¾madness just went down in the capital¾of Catalonia, like seriously madness. I had the opportunity to be out in Barca covering the contest for the zine and I can tell you it was insane. Ten teams of four riders and one filmer spent the week taking over the streets of Barcelona trying to film a video that would impress everyone enough to take home 7500 Euros. That doesn't come easy either, teams had to deal with dudes getting sick or broke off. Not to mention that it only took Barcelona police a few days to realize what was happening because it's not every day you have 45 scooter riders run riot the city. Normally it's rare to get kicked out of spots in Barcelona but the cops were over it and even started writing people tickets. The risk was high but the reward was even higher. This year the winning video was taken home by Nick Tedrick, Didine Terchague, Kai Saunders and The Vault's very own Jake Sorensen. It should be no surprise the dude who filmed the video was last years winner Rudy Garcia. This video was mental. Banger after banger. I lost my mind watching it at the premiere and lost my mind again watching it again before writing this blog. Everything about this video was great. The filming, the riding, the bangers, the music, literally EVERYTHING. We all know Jake is one of the best overall street riders in the game and that definitely showed in this edit. Didine can double peg anything. Kai Saunders in a 5 foot¾3 beast. and Nick Tedrick is acting like he came out of the womb doing full whips. Did I mention all of this was filmed in only a week? Insanity. Without saying anything else I'm going to post the video down below for you all to enjoy.

Shout out to the dudes over at Dissidence for putting on such an epic contest. They are posting two videos a week from Coalition so make sure you are subscribed¾to Dissidence on YouTube!¾