AO Scooters dropped an edit last week welcoming Denmark shredder Christian Jensen aka –Aztro Boi” to their AM team and boy is it a banger. This video is only 1:47 because filming was cut short due to Christian breaking his leg but still every second of this video is per gold. Makes me wonder what else Aztro could have done if he wasnêt injured. Since the video is so short I donêt want to give anything away so go take a few seconds out of your day and watch some good scootering. Go show Christian some love and follow him on Instagram @aztro_boi. Donêt forget we carry a wide selection of AO product so if you want to shred like Christian go pick up some fresh AO swag today!

Video filmed by Rudy Garcia, Zakarias Krough, and Oskar Hansen. Edited by JJ Powell.¾