Top 5 Wheels:

Looking for a new set of wheels but don't know which ones to buy? Take a look at our list of top 5 wheels on the market right now. You will not be disappointed. 


Tilt Signature Wheels

The long awaited Tilt signature...

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What The Heck Is That

We are going to start including content from previous issues of The Vault Zine on our blog. If you like what you read make sure you pick up a copy of the latest issue so we can keep making rad stuff! 

What The Heck

By: Sean Cardwell...

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Two Great entry-level Complete Pro Scooters | The Vault Pro Scooters

By: Blake Bailor

For those of you brand new freestyle scooter enthusiasts and freestyle scooter

enthusiast parents alike out there in the world today, it’s hard to be...

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The Vault's Guide to Compression Systems!

The Vault's Guide to Compression Systems! 

By: Josh Toy

In the past, scootering had nothing more than your typical threaded compression fork. The sport’s design and manufacturing has progressed at such a high...

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5 Ways to upgrade your scooter:

1. Wheels: One of the easiest ways to upgrade your scooter is to throw on a fresh set of wheels! If you’ve had your scooter for a while and it’s not riding as smooth as you would like getting a new pair of wheels will do the trick on giving you a smooth ride. Just make...

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  • AO Scooters
  • Crisp
  • District Freestyle Scooter Co.
  • Envy Scooters
  • Ethic DTC
  • Fasen
  • MGP