March 1, 2018 • by Shelby Grimnes

Nine months ago Ethic DTC Pro Alexis Letellier suffered a gruesome knee injury while filming for the 2017 Coalition competition tearing his ACL. Coalition was supposed to kick off a busy year for Alexis as he was set to compete in the ISA World Championships, NItro World Games and Sovereign of Street. Instead, Alexis has spent the last nine months recovering from his ACL injury. The boys over at Ethic just put out a video covering part of Alexis's recovery showing was life has been like for the Frenchman the last few months. Alexis is back riding and it definitely hasn't taken long for him to get back to killing it on a scooter. Only riding for a few weeks he's back throwing flairs and crazy tech combos. Look out for Alexis in 2018 because this guy will definitely be turning heads. He is easily one of the most underrated riders in the scene. Not many riders can throw themselves down a handrail or stair set then turn around and fly over a mega ramp or put down one of the craziest runs in a park contest. So do not be surprised if you see this guy taking a few podiums and dropping crazy edits in 2018. 


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