Blackriver Fingerboard Ramps - Brick Box

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The beside a basic rail most popular desktop obstacle is from now available in a matured brick edition! The compact brick box fits in nearly every bag and no matter if you use it as a single obstacle or as a feature in your park - pure fun is guaranteed! It combines with almost every other obstacle and the miniature bricks make a unbelievable real grind feeling sure! An absolutely "must have" for every home spot at a low price!

Length: 9.45in Width: 1.97in Depth: 1.97in

In case you clicked on this by mistake, we want to be clear. This product is meant to be used with fingerboards. You know teeny tiny skateboards for your fingers. NOT full size skateboards.

Dimensions may vary due to the ramp being handmade
  • Length: 9.45"
  • Width: 1.97"
  • Height: 1.97"