Blackriver Fingerboard Ramps - Big Mama Reloaded

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With the second version of the legendary Big Mama, a new era begins. Our half-pipe, the "Big Mama", was the first Black River obstacle and remained unchanged for over a decade. Before changing anything on such a long time “companion”, one really has to think things through. With the channel / roll-in the original obstacle receives a special feature offering countless new trick opportunities while simultaneously preserving the classic atmosphere of the first Big Mama.

length: 28.9inch width: 17.6inch depth: 9.4inch

In case you clicked on this by mistake, we want to be clear. This product is meant to be used on fingerboards. You know teeny tiny skateboards for your fingers. NOT full size skateboards.

Dimensions may vary due to the ramp being handmade
  • Length: 28.9"
  • Width: 17.6"
  • Depth: 9.4"