Blackriver Fingerboard Deck - Bryce Aspinall - Heavy

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Here is what Bryce had to say about his collection, "The series was designed during the winter season, a time when movement and exercise can be limited. Disregarding winter's attempt to slow our physical movement, the graphics depict individuals exerting energy, flowing through their surroundings and lassoing cattle. Activities I hope for all come spring!" Blackriver Fingerboard Decks are designed by fingerboard professionals, for fingerboarders of all skills. The decks are handmade with Canadian maplewood, and consist of 5 plies unless specified otherwise. Graphics on the deck also wear like real skateboard graphics, which add an element of realism, and quality. The Low sizes have a more mellow degree of concave that will require more preceision to flip the board as intended. All Blackriver fingerboard decks come with uncut catchy Riptape, which is made of foam for comfort, and grip.

  • Width: 32 or 33mm