Blackriver Fingerboard Complete - Bryce Aspinall - Cowboy

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This fingerboard complete set comes with a wooden Blackriver deck with a pair of high quality Blackriver trucks and a set of professional Blackriver "Blank Street" wheels. This set of Blackriver Trucks also includes eight mounting screws, lock nuts and the Blackriver fingerboard tool. Bryce Aspinall is an artist who designed the graphics featured on this fingerboard complete, here is what he had to say about it, "The series was designed during the winter season, a time when movement and exercise can be limited. Disregarding winter's attempt to slow our physical movement, the graphics depict individuals exerting energy, flowing through their surroundings and lassoing cattle. Activities I hope for all come spring".
  • Deck Width: 32mm or 33mm
  • Truck Width:  32mm for both sizes
  • Wheel Material: Plastic, "Blank Street" Wheels
  • Included: (8) Mountain Screws, Lock Nuts, and a Blackriver Fingerboard Tool