Black Pearl Original V2 Wheel - Double Layer

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The long-awaited Black Pearl Original V2 wheels are finally here. We've been teased about these for months and we couldn't be happier they're here. There are a few things that make these special so let's go through em. As you can see above there are 2 variants, Simple Layer and Double Layer. The Simple Layer comes with your traditional 90A urethane poured around the super light Aluminum core, and the Double Layer is where things get interesting. To give them rebound like no other, Black Pearl gave the wheel 2 layers or urethane. The first is an 80A and the second is a 94A. Yes, you heard that right, 94A. That's definitely a number we don't see often in the Pro Scooter industry, which only makes these wheels more unique and worth the price tag. The higher the Urethane rating, the harder the wheel feel! Another awesome thing is that this wheel only weighs 0.46 lbs! That is INSANELY light! We know a lot of you park riders out there love to make your scooter as light as possible, so these are definitely for you! 

Note: These wheels are sold individually, so the price is only for ONE wheel. 

  • Weight: 14.8 oz for pair
  • Size: 110mm
  • Core Width: 24mm
  • Urethane Width: 24mm
  • Core Material: 7075 T6 Aluminum
  • Urethane Rating: 80A inner, 94A Outer
  • Bearings included: Yes
  • Sold: Individually 

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