The Best Long Beach Push Scooter Store

Push scooters are propelled by humans who stand on the deck of the scooter and maneuver it with an attached handle bar. Push scooters are very popular with teenagers and even younger kids as they are easy to navigate, they fold up for portability and, most importantly, they get you where you want to go. Adults are even getting on board and using scooters as a way to commute, avoiding the hassle of traffic and parking in big cities.

At the Long Beach Push Scooter Store, we offer a wide variety of push scooters, parts and accessories. Our inventory includes top brands like Lucky, Madd Gear, Phase Two and Envy plus much more. Most complete scooters come in a variety of colors from which to choose.

Because our push scooters are easy to assemble, if you need to replace bearings, clamps, wheels or other parts, you can buy what you need and replace the parts yourself. We offer parts for all brands of scooters. While you're here, take a look at some of the gear we carry. We have a variety of tools, wax for your board and stickers to decorate your scooter. We consider your safety by offering a variety of helmets and pads to protect you in case you fall. Keep your scooter safe from theft with our specialty scooter lock. We also carry a wide range of apparel from teeshirts with manufacturer logos to back packs, Apex wristbands and hats.

If you want to purchase a scooter or an accessory to give as a gift but you aren't sure which one to choose, give The Vault Pro Scooter store gift cards. You don't live in Long Beach? Well, that is no problem because we will ship your product to you as long as you live in the US. The Vault Pro Scooter store is open seven days a week and customer service professionals are on hand to answer all your questions.