Affordable Orange County Pro Scooter Stores

The Vault Pro Scooters is all about scooters and scooter accessories. We offer a wide range of manufacturers, as well as stock and aftermarket parts for the ultimate customization experience. The Vault is a company made of scooter enthusiasts, who are dedicated to bringing the highest quality products on the market to our customers, with the best service and great prices!

There are two ways to buy scooters. More advanced riders choose to put their own custom outfits together, taking parts from different manufacturers to assemble a machine that is custom made for them.

For people who are just getting into scooters, or who are buying a gift for someone else, the Vault has what we call "Completes." This simply means that the scooters come fully assembled with everything needed to get rolling this is a great way to buy a gift or get into your first scooter!

Our Completes are separated into different lines of scooters. We offer only the best scooters in each line. We carry scooters such as Crisp, District, Envy, Sacrifice, and many other top manufacturers.

These scooters are completely assembled at the time of purchase, providing you with an excellent starting point for beginners or veterans alike. Our customer service pros are always available to answer any questions you may have. The Vault stands out for two reasons, excellent customer service, and a huge worldwide selection of parts from hundreds of manufacturers.

The Vault wants to be your onestopshop for everything scooter. We carry anything you can think of that would make your scooter experience betterĶ¾ accessories, parts, frames, Completes, gloves, footwear, headgear, and some stuff you won't even think of until you see it. The Vault Pro Scooter is completely staffed with scooter enthusiasts, dedicated to bringing the best possible service to our orange County Pro Scooter stores. Come see us in person, or visit us online.