Affordable Long Beach Pro Scooter Stores

When you are comparing Long Beach pro scooter stores, consider the things that set a scooter store apart from others. A good quality pro Scooter store should offer a wide variety of products, they should have low pricing, dependable customer support, and any accessory you can think of.

That describes The Vault Pro Scooters, run by and for scooter enthusiasts and riders! The Vault Pro Scooters lives by the following credos:


The Vault has one of the largest selections of Completes and parts by the biggest and most advanced manufacturers. We also have a huge variety of accessories; if it has anything to do with a scooter or the scooter lifestyle, The Vault will have it. When you need a wide variety of products and accessories, The Vault Pro Scooters has the parts you need!


We only deal with the best in parts, from the top manufacturers, names like Envy, Madd Gear, District and more. Whether you buy a Completes, which is a scooter ready to roll, or build one from scratch starting with the deck and choosing every part to suit a specific riding style. We will supply the visual impact. The Vault Pro Scooters carries the best parts available.


We also have some of the best pricing of any of the Long Beach pro scooter stores, and our online store cannot be beat. We deal with the best, and buy in large enough quantity where we get the best deals possible, and then we roll those deals out directly to our customers.

Customer Service and Expert Knowledge

The Vault Pro Scooters offers more than just great deals on the best parts and completes. We also offer indepth knowledge about scooters that we love to share with our customers. Whether you are trying to get under the bright lights, or just want to glide smoothly along the beach, The Vault has the parts, accessories, and in depth knowledge to help you with your scooter dreams.