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In 2012, The Vault opened its doors just a few blocks away from our local skate park in order to sell pro scooter parts and completes. We serve as a creative space for today’s scooter riders, future riders and parents who live within the community. Our storefront in Culver City has become the local hangout and home for scooter riders living in this urban, SoCal stomping ground.

We’re proud that The Vault has quickly become known as the go-to authority for scooter parts and completes.

Scooter riders unite!

5 Reasons Why You’re Going to Love Our Pro Scooter Shop

  1. Incredible SelectionIn fact, the largest selection of pro scooter brands available under one roof in the U.S. We even import special brands, like Apex.

    The Vault has all the parts and completes that you’re looking for, always in stock and ready to ship out or be picked up. Shop here for all of your favorite brands, including TSI, Phoenix, TiLT, Magray, Lucky, ENVY, Grit, Crisp, AO, Apex, Fasen, Addict, Sacrifice, Proto, Phase Two, ODI, Madd Gear, District, Triple *, Pryme, Bones, Royal, FSA, Animal, NECO, Elyts, Raptor, FLIK, PRO-TEC, Boxes, Ethic, RAD, and Hella Grip.

  1. Knowledgeable StaffEveryone who works at The Vault is living the scootering lifestyle. We’re 100% staffed by people who love this sport – everyone here spends a whole lot of their free time scootering. We even have a pro on staff. So if you’ve got questions or need help with anything related to scootering, our team members know what they’re doing and have the right answers for you. You can get the help you need in person at our pro scooter shop, or on the phone any time during business hours.
  1. Expert Maintenance & RepairsThe reality is, scooters often take a beating. When something goes wrong with your scooter, or if it just needs to get dialed up, you can trust us to fix it right. What if you don’t live nearby to bring your scooter in to the shop? No problem. Just ship it to us. We’ll fix it up and ship it back, anywhere in the continental U.S. Just try to get that kind of service from some other pro scooter shop!
  1. Easy InstallationsWhat’s the easiest way to get your parts installed or your scooter assembled? Have the experts at The Vault do it for you! Unlike other pro scooter shops, we’re happy to ship it to you installed and ready to ride.
  1. Fun Place Since we opened our doors in October 2012 we’ve become a go-to destination for kick scooter enthusiasts across Southern California. If you’re going to be in the area please stop by and hang out with us. You can see all the latest trends, pick up some new parts, get your scooter dialed up, and then head down the street to Culver Skate Park to show off your stuff.


Efrem Yohannes

Efrem Yohannes

General Manager/Internet Operations Coordinator

  • Currently rides 2006 Acura RSX.
  • Been in the bike game since 2005
  • General Manager/Online Sales Consultant/Website Manager
  • With The Vault since November 2013
  • AKA "Fram Bam"
  • Follow him on instagram @YrHighNs
Arthur Plascencia

Arthur Plascencia

Vault Pro Rider and Current Employee

  • Just got put on the Elite USA Team... Congrats!
  • Currently rides an Elite Supreme deck
  • Has been riding for 6 years
  • His attitude is his way or the highway
  • Follow him on Instagram @Arthur_Plascencia
  • Follow him on instagram for updates!
Walter Perez

Walter Perez

Vault Team Manager & Sales Consultant

  • Currently rides a chrome AO Stealth V.2
  • Been riding for 6 years
  • Favorite trick is Nose Mannys and Benihanas!
  • Loyal Carton Cutter customer since 1995
  • Follow him on instagram @ Walt3rperez


Sales Consultant

  • Currently rides a Ethic Lindworm Deck
  • Been in the scooter life for 5 years
  • In his free time he loves to swim and play Forza with The Vault Team Manager
  • Jack of all trades, Master of none.
  • Follow him on Instagram @everybodyhatesdre


Sales Consultant and Pro Rider

  • Pro Rider for The Vault and TSI
  • Guap, Guap, Guap
  • Worlds youngest washout, and proud of it!
  • Started from the bottom, now he's here
  • Indefinitely banned from cutting bars at The Vault Pro Scooters
  • Scootering for 8 years
  • Patriotic to the Bone
Ben Guerra

Ben Guerra

Vault Staff Member

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