The #1 Orange County Pro Scooter Shop

If you are located in the Orange County area, and are looking to get into professional scooter riding, The Vault Pro Scooters can provide you with all of the high quality gear, accessories, and complete scooter sets that make it easy for you get into this super fun and rapidly growing sport. The orange County area in particular is one that has seen a rapid rise in the number of scooter users, and why shouldn't it wide sidewalks along the beach, some of the best weather in the US and lots of flat, lazy residential streets.

The Vault Pro Scooters is the premiere orange County Pro scooter shop, offering a wide variety of different products. From any part you can think of by the best manufacturers in the world to accessories such as helmets, gloves. Footwear, scooter locks and more!

For individuals that are just getting into the sport, we also offer Completes. These are just what the name says, a scooter which is put together and 100% ready to ride. If you are just starting to learn about scooters, or if you are buying a gift for someone a complete scooter is the way to go; at The Vault Pro Scooters we don't talk down to anyone. Let us know what you want it for and we can guide you in the right direction!

Some people just want a lazy glide along the beaches; other people are interested in something that is designed for stunts. Whatever your preference, we can set you up with the perfect scooter, or help you build your dream scooter!

That's right; we also have every individual part you can think of. These are highly engineered machines, using the latest in materials and manufacturing technologies. The sheer amount of modifications can boggle the mind, but our expert staff can guide you down the right path. For the best scooters, parts and accessories come to The Vault Pro Scooters!