The #1 Culver City Push Scooter Store

Have you ever watched your kid perform tricks on a scooter? It can be thrilling but also nervewracking to watch him racing around on wheels while doing tricks. When you purchase a scooter for your son or daughter, safety is certainly your number one priority. You want to make sure that the scooter and all its parts are made from quality materials to reduce any potential for injury. You want to make sure they wear the proper safety gear including helmets, pads and gloves while they ride.

At The Vault, we are the premier Culver City push scooter store and safety is our main concern. We provide the best push scooter lines, parts and accessories and only deal in quality products. We carry the top lines including Madd Gear, Sacrifice, Lucky, District, Grit, Envy and more. We have trained technicians in our stores who will assemble your scooter for you so you know it is done right.

Besides our line of complete push scooters, we also carry safety gear and the best apparel and footwear that your child can wear when riding a scooter. If the parts on your scooter are beginning to show signs of wear, you may want to change them out. If you do, make sure you replace them with quality parts like the ones we have in our inventory. We know that our parts are made with safety in mind and we only carry the best.

Come in to see us at The Vault and talk to our experienced personnel about our complete scooter lines. We are open seven days a week for your convenience. If you can't get into our stores, check out our vast inventory online. You can see our complete lines as well as the accessories and parts we carry. If you have questions, representatives are happy to chat with you online as well.