TSI Hammerhead Decks

TSI Hammerhead Decks


*Grip Tape sold separately. Grip Tape must be purchased from The Vault Pro Scooters to apply service. Be advised that once an item has been altered from its original form they are non returnable/ refundable. (This includes grip tape installation))

TSI Hammerhead Decks

These new TSI Hammerhead decks are 21.5" long meaning that it can fit a variety of riders comfortably. TSI also used this new deck design to introduce their new sqaured nose design which improves stability during 50-50 grinds. Inaddition, an added groove in the "T" section of the deck allows for fluidity and smoother crooked grinds, allowing you to lock in your deck with the ledge. Furthermore, an extraordinary new weld will rank the strength of these decks uncomparable to anything else on the market. Support TSI since they are one of the last American made scooter companies left, 'Merica!

Product Features

  • 21.5" Long
  • Squared Nose Area
  • Grindable Grooves
  • Reinforced Welds to ensure Deck Strength

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