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Ethic Artefact Complete

Ethic Artefact Complete (Black)


The Ethic Artefact complete was designed with you in mind. We wanted to make a custom complete that would not be crazy high in price. The complete comes with the crazy light weight Polished Ethic Artifact deck that is designed to be universal to both street and park. This scooter comes with the Ethic Legion fork that spins on the very smooth Ethic headset that feels like clouds are spinning the whole front end. Holding the very durable Ethic Dynasty bars onto the fork is the Ethic aluminum clamp that can take a beating and still hold your set-up in tact. Compressing the whole front end together is the Ethic ICS compression that is light and durable! Last but not least are really comfy Ethic grips that make the whole ride super smooth when rolling on the Ethic incube wheels.