District Brandon James Signature Deck

  • District Brandon James Signature Deck

District Brandon James Signature Deck


*Grip Tape sold separately. Grip Tape must be purchased from The Vault Pro Scooters to apply service. Be advised that once an item has been altered from its original form they are non returnable/ refundable. (This includes grip tape installation))

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District Brandon James Signature Deck

The Vault Pro Scooters is proud to be the first to introduce the Brandon James signature deck by District! This signature deck fetures the first ever forged neck on a district deck. This unique one piece design features two supportive walls which eliminates unnessecary material therefore reducing wieght dramatically. The one piece forged headtube is welded in a completely new and innovative way distinct to District Signature decks! Designed similarly to the extremely popular Helmeri deck, this deck is built to be extremely strong yet suprisngly light! The headtube also features a large cutout, which when used in conjunction with the Brandon James sig fork, Looks rediculously sick! To finish it all off, these bad boys come in thier very own uniquely designed Brandon James signature box! When they drop i doubt they'll last very long so stay tuned and check in for an ETA on these decks!! 

Please be advised that these parts will not be in store and ready to ship until 9-17-2014.

Product Features

  • Made from 6061 T5 Certified Aluminum
  • 83 Degrees Head Tube Angle
  • 4.75'' Width
  • 21.8'' Length
  • Innovative Welding Technique. Eliminates unnecessary weight, without compromising strength
  • District Cartridge Brake System
  • New "One-Tool" Axle System
  • Custom Designed "Rasta Chick" graphics

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